Backpacks Vs Messenger Bags for Travel Purposes

Luggage and packing is a very important part of travelling. You cannot truly enjoy your vacation if you can’t bring everything you wanted to bring or have to constantly worry about your things being safe or not. The two most common types of bags brought when travelling are backpacks and messenger bags. Both have advantages and their fair share of disadvantages as well. Here, we will discuss all of them to know the most recommended for your trips.Ease of UseGenerally, majority of backpacks are easier and more comfortable to use since they have two straps as compared to messenger bags that only come with one. The weight of the load is better distributed on the shoulders of the users of backpacks while those who carry along messenger bags may suffer from strain especially if the load they are carrying is too heavy. However, these bags can also be very comfortable to use-if you know how to find the best one for this purpose. Look for a model with a wide padded strap and a cross strap which you can connect to your other side. The latter will distribute the weight better across your body.ContentsThere are two ways to look at this. Obviously, backpacks are the best choice if you will be hauling a lot of things because they have bigger compartments. However, if you only need a bag to bring along to a short walk on the streets, then messenger bags are more recommended. They are more compact and have just the right number of pockets to bring all your essentials for your short walk.AccessMessenger bags win bar none in this one. They are especially designed for this process after all. A messenger’s bag strap usually come with a pocket or two where the user can put things he need to easily access and outer pockets where smaller things can be stashed. If ever you want to keep it slung over your back, all you need to do to access it is swing it over your front to get your things. Backpacks, however, will need you to maneuver the whole bag in front of you because you have it strapped on both shoulders.SafetyMessenger bags, again, win this round. You can sling them easily around your front where you can always see it to protect yourself from pickpockets. Backpacks, on the other hand, are not that safe because you can’t see them unless you put them in front of you instead which isn’t really comfortable.ConclusionIn conclusion, both bags have their share of good and bad points to them. To be sure, make the length of your trip be the determining factor when choosing which one is best to bring along. A messenger bag will probably work for shorter trips while longer travels may need the use of backpacks. Better yet, just bring both. Put all your not so important but bulky things on your backpack and just carry a compact bag where you can carry all your valuables.