Wellington – The Best Destination for Backpackers

Wellington is one of the most exciting cities in the world, appealing to people of every kind and backgrounds. The city has an amazing night life and diversity of cultures that make people to come here, looking for a good time ahead, in addition to attracting young travelers. Visitors looking forward to combine their love of the outdoors with their adventurous spirits would find Wellington a great holiday destination. The adventure activities of the city go well with all levels of confidence and sense of adventure. If adrenalin runs through your veins, you can try your hand at kayaking, quad biking or go for mounting biking at Makara Peak.Wellington is a gourmet’s delight, what with delicatessens, restaurants and cafes. The capital city is known as the culinary capital of New Zealand, famous for its tucked-away bars, award-winning restaurants, quirky cafes and some great coffee. The city’s restaurants have won coveted Supreme Restaurant of the year award for three consecutive years. The diverse cuisine of the city caters to every taste and budget.For backpackers in Wellington, there are hostels that offer accommodation in a great atmosphere. By staying in these hostels, you can enjoy the thrilling experiences that Wellington has to offer, all for less money, given the good quality service, clean and safe stay for people travelling on a budget. These accommodations provide facilities and amenities that match the best in the industry.A belief exists that backpackers are on tight budget. But, in real life, these people spend more time in traveling further and stay for longer period compared to other travelers. They mostly try to spend less on accommodation, always looking for value for money spend and may not always opt for the cheapest availability. Their travel expenses mostly revolve on other activities.A primary motive of backpackers is social contact, like partying and friendships. They mostly like to meet fellow travelers and local people. They stay for longer duration compared to international visitors and prefer to travel on less visited places, looking for diverse experiences in different locations. Their itineraries and travel plans are flexible with few real bookings.They are mostly drawn to adventure tours and attractions that ask for active participation, mostly authentic types that New Zealand has to offer, which do not fall under mainstream tourist experiences. A special interest of backpackers is about Aboriginal culture and their way of life.A good number of these people plan to be involved as casual worker to supplement their funds.A special note worth mentioning here is that the term ‘backpacker’ is widely used in New Zealand and Australia. Nowadays, the term is also used overseas while referring to hostels and tours. However, the term could have a different meaning in the US where they refer to Bushwalker.The image of New Zealand as a safe, youthful, dynamic, friendly, fun-loving and natural English-speaking country is a major cause of appeal for these people. Their growing market has led to wide demand for inexpensive accommodations that are comparatively safe, clean, standard and give right value for money. A large number of hostels have come up in the last few years, including Backpackers Nelson.